Magazine Cover Project



Create a magazine cover as a self portrait with “article” about myself


I started by search magazines about traveling and food to find inspiration to create my own. Since the beginning I had the vision to make my own magazine and not only copy a already existing one. I thought that would be a bigger challenge for my design skills.

After find some inspirations I sketched four possible cover designs, I’m not a artist but they kind present what I was visioning for the cover.


Then I looked my photos to see which one wold be the best image for the cover, after I found it I opened Photoshop CC to tweak the image a little bit.

Following that I use InDesign to create a Shape Map following one of my sketches.


As I was doing that I decided that I wanted to do my cover in Black and White.

After that I add my photo, that is the entire background of the cover, and started adding the titles for the articles and other details.

Critique Process

My professor recorded a video sharing some ideas of how I could improve my draft. After that I met with Adam Harper that went over the cover and the project’s rubric with me. Both of those meetings where a very good experience, without the opinion and comments from both of them I wouldn’t have got to the final result, that in my opinion it looks very good. Most of these critiques were about the alignment and how I could play a little more with the space in my cover by moving things around. With those comments I was able to do some rearranging in the design resulting in the final result. I critiqued two class mates, Eric Crabb and Jasmin Rock, on Facebook .


I wanted to show a big part of me through the entire cover. If you pay attention that the over all theme is traveling and food, and those are the best two words to define me.


Those that love traveling, experience different things, and food.

Top Thing Learned

Do not be afraid to move things around and try different options of design or ideas, is during this process of trial that you come up with the best ideas.

Color schemes and color names

Monochromatic, black and white

Title Font Name and Category

Ailerons, Decorative

Copy Font Name and Category

Ghostlight, Oldstyle




This is my picture



5 thoughts on “Magazine Cover Project

  1. Kevin your project looks so good! I love the monochromatic color scheme youwent for. The font that you chose also helps conver an overall theme. Great job!!


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