How to End Procrastination – Prezi Project



Using Prezi software to create a unique presentation.


I have used Prezi before but I had never created a blank presentation. So I looked for examples of presentations made on Prezi to better understand the potential the softwimg_0226are has. After that I watched some tutorials to get a better idea of what I could do.

I wanted to keep it simple, so this is my creation process:

  1. After choosing a topic, how to stop procrastination, I sketched the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the world “procrastination” and that is a clutter desk.
  2. I looked for high quality pictures of clutter desk that I could use for my background. And after I that I looked for some smaller pictures to illustrate some other points of my presentation.
  3. Some of the pictures I had to put in the Photoshop to remove the background.
  4. I added all that into my Prezi and started playing editing the order of everything and playing with the colors.

Critique Process

I met with Adam Harper that helped me go over the project and work on colors, something had I struggle a lot with. After that he gave me good feedback about the design and shared some good ideas about how to organize my presentation.

I gave feedback to Jeanna Jesperson and Jessica Forte on Facebook


Ideas to help you stop procrastinating


People trying to get the projects done on time

Top Thing Learned

Prezi is a very powerful too but it takes a good time to mastered it, and sometimes it is hard to work with non-edited pictures.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Complementary, dark orange and dark blue

Title Font Name & Category

League Gothic, San Serif

Copy font Name & Category

Old Standard TT, Old Style




2 thoughts on “How to End Procrastination – Prezi Project

  1. Kevin, I really liked the background photo you choose. Going through your presentation I was excited to see what was next. I also thought you did well with proving a clear typeface throughout your Prezi.


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