Photography Activity

Light 1: Outside


I took this picture in the park at the end of the day, the sun was going through the trees that were changing colors. I aim the came a little higher to get the sun and the sky, after in the Photoshop I used selective color do individually bring each of the color out and give a more shining look to the photo.

Light 2: Inside


These little bottles fill with sand are handmade, very common and traditional in the northeast of Brazil. I had my ceiling light on and I opened the window in my room for the lighting in this room. I took this picture using Macro and on Photoshop I used the sharping tool on the right side of each bottle to bring their color out a little more.

Focus 1 – Foreground


I was new to the camera I was using to take this photos, and it works very differently than the one I had at home, because of that I struggled a lot to get the depth field right. After hours trying I could not get a good picture so I used Photoshop to blur the background, sharpen the sides and brighten the colors of the statue.

Focus 2 – Background


Here I inverted the selection so I could blur the statue. After that I used the selective color tool to bring out the flowers and trees colors, this way the viewer focus a little more on the background than the blur statue.

Composition 1 – Thirds


I really liked the color behind the statue, because of that I took this picture using the rule of thirds. The statue on the left side leaving space to see the color changes behind. I used the brighten tool to bring more live, even thought the sky got a little blown-out it was worth it, in my opinion, because the statue and the tress got more alive.

Composition 2 – Lead Room


A open mall set up their Halloween decoration and I really liked the idea of Death walking around. Because of that I used Photoshop to get the photo a little darker and bring out the red, brown, and yellow tones to give it a more Halloween tone to the picture.


2 thoughts on “Photography Activity

  1. Hey Kevin, You’re pictures look really impressive. I’m not sure if you used a camera from the school or not, but I think your pictures look super clear. You did a great job with your lighting. I like that you have the side lighting on the inside picture to create the shadow on the side of the bottles. Great Job!


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