Photodesign Project



By using photography and design skills, create a project that encompasses a consistent color scheme the image.


  1. I went around Rexburg taking pictures and trying to come with creative ideas for those photos.
  2. I chose a photo that inspired me the most to work with for this project.
  3. I sketched how I would design my 8.5×11 photo. I knew that I was working most light colors so I decided to use circle because, for me, they go well together.
  4. I used Photoshop to work with. The first thing I did was to create a copy of the background so I could cut the cupcake off. This way I could work with its brightness and selective colors without modifying the blur background.
  5. After that was done I started design with circles trying several different positions, orders, and colors to see which one looks better. In the end I choose to put them on the bottom to cover the table.
  6. After the feedback I got from professor Judkins and Adam Harper I did the necessary changes to improve my project.


Professor Judkins gave me some good feedback and ideas on areas that I could work on a little more on my project. After his feedback I brainstormed some new ideas applying those suggestions and I met with Adam Harper to help put those ideas together and see what else I could do different and better. Bot Prof. Judkins and Mr. Harper where very helpful.

On Facebook I gave feedback to Jasmin Rock and Andi Williams


Doesn’t matter what you are going through, a cupcake can make everything better.


To every student that is trying to go through college.

Top Thing Learned

Sometimes you will work in a project and at the end of it you say to ourselves: “I don’t like it.” Then you have to start all over again, but by doing this you can come up with different ideas that will lead to a better end result.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Complementary, Gold and Blue.

Title Font Name & Category

Bellerose Light, san serif and decorative

Copy Font Name & Category

AlexadriaFLF Regular, Modern












It is my own.


4 thoughts on “Photodesign Project

  1. I love how you incorporated your design elements and color scheme – I think they fit the picture and quote perfectly. Also I’m super impressed by your photo editing skills. Great job!

    My blog! –


  2. You nailed it. The circles really make the image seem fun and whimsical and the two fonts compliment each other nicely. Image quality is great and makes me want to have a cupcake right now. Colors work great with it as well.


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