Frozen and Canned Food


I was raised on a “diet” of rice and beans. This is the basic food that we eat in Brazil, there is always rice and beans, even when you are eating spaghetti you will have those two on the table.

Not only I would eat that every day but it was always made from scratch. My mom would by the dry beans, put them in the water for overnight then cook them in a pressure cooker for a few hours. It was a long process but the taste is just amazing. The idea of eating beans from a can is just unthinkable in Brazil.

As a college student I had to change that. I just don’t have the time, resources, or money to make beans from scratch and some other foods. Because of time and budget, I had to turn to frozen and canned fill the gap of the fresh food that I cannot afford or prepare.

Yes, canned food is not the heathiest food to eat, and depending the brand not the tastiest either, but they are not as bad, and frozen food does have the nutrients that a normal meal has. The most important thing these two types of food offer for colleges students is that both are really cheap and not as time consuming.

Dr. Oz in an interview with CNN talks about using frozen and canned food when you have a tight budget.

Keri Glassman, a celebrity nutritionist, registered dietitian, and healthy cooking expert talks about how she uses frozen food for her meals in a interview with The Morning Blend.


These are two experts that encourage us, colleges students with a low budget, to use frozen and canned food. I have been use those since I started college and they have allowed me to cook some great dishes without spend a great amount of money at the grocery store, and have saved me a lot of time while cooking.

Here are some recipes that I have done and liked that used canned food as their ingredients.

Slow Cooker Chili

Chicken Enchiladas

World’s Best Lasagna (I wouldn’t go as far too say the “world’s best” but is a good and easy lasagna)

Curried Coconut Chicken

Burrito Pie


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