Montage Project



Design a poster montage for a spiritual message


I first thought an about the message I wanted to share, after that I sketched ideas for my poster. After that I searched for images that I could use for it. After having the material, I used Photoshop to put everything togethimg_0273er. Then I printed to see how it looked on paper, I did not like the final result so I restarted everything again, so I sketched 3 more posters and design two of them. I was pleased with one of them, and that is the one I choose to use for this project.

  1. Used Photoshop to blend 3 images together. To accomplish that I used masks, blend tool, layers effects, transformation tool, and opacity tool.
  2. I add the quote and used a different color to highlight the keywords and different size and font to highlight the main word for the poster.
  3. After all I went over alignment, color contrast, and white space.

Critique Process

Professor Judkins did gave me feedback but it was on my first project that I submitted to him, but even though his comments where for the older poster he did call my attention to some things that I did change on my final poster. Besides of that I did ask the opinion of other people, roommates and people at the print shop, to see if the poster did transmit its message effectively.

On Facebook I gave feedback to Samantha Caldes and Cole Bagley.


God is always blessing us but sometimes it is our fears that block those blessing from us.


All those that feel like God is not blessing them.

Top Thing Learned

Not be satisfy with something that you don’t really like, just start over until you have something good.

Color scheme & color names

Monochromatic yellow

Title Font Name & Category

Atlantic Cruise Regular, San serif

Copy Font Name & Category

Ghost Light, old style



















Yellow lights


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