Business Identity Project

letterhead business-card-mock-up


Create a logo for a company and design unique documents for that company.


  1. Sketched different logo ideas for my company. It didn’t take a long time to come up with Eagle Airlines, that helped me explore different design of logos for that company.
  2. I used Illustrator to create the top 3 logos from my sketches.
  3. After I had those 3 logos ready I asked people in my class, my family, roommates, and some friends for their opinion of which one looks better, more professional. The second was the most voted for.
  4. With Illustrator, I tweak a little bit more and polish the logo to give it a more professional detail.
  5. After that I created my letterhead and business.

Critique Process

Professor Judkins gave me really good feedback on how I could better use alignment on my letterhead, how to work with colors better on my business card, and that my typography could be stronger. He also pointed out some little details on my logo’s drawing, the Eagle design, that I could fix so it would look better.

I met with Adam Harper for a one-a-one session. We went over my logo, letterhead, and business card focusing on how to arrange the objects in a way that would look more clean and easy to follow.

On Facebook I gave feedback to Kayla Taculog and Erica Crabb.


An airline company that has it symbol an eagle and flies all over the world.


All those that like to use airplanes when traveling.

Top Thing Learned

Is always good to ask people for their opinion about your design. Because they can see detail you have missed and to test if you design cause the desire reaction.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Monochromatic Blue

Title Font Name & Category

Logo: Aliens and Cows, Decorative

Business card/Letterhead: Arvo, Modern

Copy Font Name & Category

Bookman Old Style, Old Style









I design all the graphics

The photo for the Mock Up card was by Farid Mikayil


2 thoughts on “Business Identity Project

  1. Kevin, I think you did such an incredible job on your project! I love how sleek, clean, and professional your letterhead and business cards looked. I also enjoyed seeing the repetition of your logo on all of your documents. Also, I like how you used the photo to showcase your business cards. Not sure how that was done, but it looks amazing!

    Here’s a link to my blog:

    And a link to Brianna’s:


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