Social Media Recipes, The Most Overlook Easy Meals


At the beginning of my first semester in college I started to noticed that on my Facebook feed there was a lot of short, 1 minute long, cooking videos. They looked delicious, easy to make, and low budget meals.

I remember the first time I did one of those recipes. It was a Taco Braid, at that time that was the newest video by Tip Hero, which was trending all over the place. It was easy to prepare, really cheap, and it looked delicious so I made.

When I got it out of the oven one of my roommates, that have been in college for over a year, walked into the kitchen and looked at it. What he said next did shock me a lot, he said, “Oh, I didn’t know that people really made those Facebook’s recipes.”

He was not the only one to think that way. If you pay attention to the comment section for those kinds of videos on Facebook and YouTube, you will see that a lot people do watch them but they don’t really do it. They said it looks delicious but they don’t make it.

If you are a college student in a low budged I invite you to look into those recipes. They not only will add something different to your daily meals but they will not take too much of your time to prepare it, neither will they hurt your wallet.

Sloppy Joes, Apple Cinnamon,  Knot Pizza, Chicken Tenders, Enchilada Lasagna, and Stuff Chicken are some of my favorites.

Tiffany Lo, supervising producer at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures—the company responsible for Tasty—said in an interview with Coca-Cola.

“‘With the rise of smartphones, the ability to watch videos while cooking has become more accessible,’ she says. ‘It also visually shows you each step, what the consistency or color is supposed to look like, the texture, etc. This is something cookbooks lack.’”

For someone like me, that doesn’t have much cooking skills, the ability to see how each step should look like is very helpful.

Next time you run across one of those one minute videos on social media considered making it for you next meal.


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