Infographic Project



Use Illustrator to create an infographic.7ckevincabral-layout-sketch


  1. I research some random topic for data and trying to come up with some inspiration ofwhat/how to do my infographic.
  2. I found some interesting data on smartphone uses, then after that I started to sketch some ideas for how the design would look like.
  3. Unsatisfied with my design I started to research infographics about cellphones to gain some ideas of how I could present my data.
  4. Then I opened Illustrator and started to work in a new design that I came up with after my research.
  5. I used Illustrator graph tools the create the pie and bar charts.

Critique Process

I showed it to Jacob Smith, my roommate, to see if the infographic was effective—if it did give the data in an easy clear way. He did like the design and colors and said it was easy to read and understand.

Professor Judkins gave me feedback on my project and he seemed to like it too. He gave me tips of how I could improve my design by changing the icons colors to match more with the color scheme as a total, pointed out some numbers that were not too visible, and said that I could improve my title by given some contrast. All those were really good points that helped me give a finish touch to my project.

I met with Adam Harper who gave me good feedback of options of how I could use best the space in my infographic and how I could organize it a little better. Prof. Judkins, who is the client, likes strong alignment so Harper helped me align the graphs together, as well he gave the tip to mix those that are similar besides of grouping them together as it was before.

On Facebook, I gave feedback to Kayla Taculog and Brianna Haroldsen


To inform people about what are the main activities North Americans do on their smartphones.


Young adults from 18 to 24 years old.

Top Thing Learned

Look at the work from other people to gain inspiration and ideas that can help you come up with your own creative idea.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Complementary Blue and Yellow

Tile Font Name & Category

Motion Picture, Script

Copy Font Name & Category

AlexandriaFLF, Modern



Graphic and vector design was mine own



Hospital reception by Sergey Demushkin from the Noun Project

resume document by creative outlet from the Noun Project

smartphone app by Symbolon from the Noun Project

Newspaper by unlimicon from the Noun Project

Camera by Alexandr Cherkinsky from the Noun Project

Ticket event by from the Noun Project

Piggy Bank by ProSymbols from the Noun Project

Man by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project

education user by Hector from the Noun Project


2 thoughts on “Infographic Project

  1. Great job Kevin! Your infographic looks super professional and your information is organized well. I also think the color scheme and background graphic work really well.

    My blog! –


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