Roll Up Your Sleeves and Pick Up the Spatula

Man preparing hot

How many times have you made an omelet, or baked a cake, and you told everyone how that was the best omelet, cake, ever? Even when nobody agrees with you? Truly it wasn’t the best but it tastes better because you made it.

College students that cook their own meal tend to enjoy it more, be healthier, and save more money than those that have meal plans at dining halls or heat mostly take out food.

On October 16, The Wall Street Journal published an article about a study made in Germany. They study if people liked more the food if they prepared it or if they buy it already prepare. The result they found was that people like more when they prepare their own food, not only that but they tend to be healthier when cooking their meals.

The European research them said, “The mere act of preparing foods leads to higher liking because overvalue objects that they have put effort in.”

The challenge sometimes is that many college students feel like they are not able to cook since the cooking skills is very low to almost inexistent. That was the case of Danielle Housberg.

USA Today College wrote an article on Housberg. She is college student that started an Instagram account about healthy cheap food that she was making herself.

They mentioned that before college she has never cooked for herself and now her account has more than half million followers in a period of 2 years. Besides of that she published an eBook with recipes and she was invited to screen in a motion picture sponsored by Disney.

Phoebe Lapine, gluten-free chef, said in an interview with The Washington Post, that cooking is, “An important part of your pre-real-world education. The first year out of college is one of the hardest for a 20-somehting. Many are moving to new cities, working long hours at entry level jobs to take care of basic needs on limited salaries. Knowing how to cook is a huge leg up.”

Here are some easy and quick no-recipe meals that can be made by any college student.


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