HTML & CSS Coding Project



Hand code a webpage using HTML and CSS.


  1. Using the same logo, I created for the business project I decided to use the same colors and fonts that I used for the logo.
  2. Using a .html and .css files that were already started I changed and add information need it to make my webpage look professional and that would resemble my company.
  3. I found a picture that I could use for my background and using .css I add it to my webpage and change some things in the design.
  4. After all the webpage was done I validate my HTML and CSS codes.

Critique Process

I met with prof. Judkins to get some feedback on my webpage, to brainstorm some ideas that I could implement, and get help with coding. He helped me improve my webpage a lot as he taught me more how to better use and understand .html and .css.

I showed the webpage to my roommates to see if it someone that would access it would like it or not. They gave me good feedback of how that page look nice, clean, and it did match with the logo of the company.

On Facebook, I gave feedback to Jasmin Rock and Drew Mecham.


To know the story behind of this airline’s logo.


Those that use airplanes to go somewhere.

Top Thing Learned

To get the best result with coding you need to be patient and describe things very specifically so everything can work and look the way you desire.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Monochromatic Blue

Title Font Name & Category

Aliens & Cows, Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category

Georgia, modern




Eden Pics


4 thoughts on “HTML & CSS Coding Project

  1. Hey man i really like the creativity of putting sky into your website i thought that that was a clever and well used idea.
    i noticed you did a great job aligning your text so it flowed well and was easy to read. i especially like how you implemented the color scheme into the text, i thought that that was a professional touch to your paper. The only thing i might do differently and idk if this is even in your real website is eliminate the green because it was kind of a random color. Great job!


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