Thanksgiving for One


Thanksgiving week, college students eager for the last class to finish so they can jump in the car and drive home for the holiday. All these because they know that they will eat all the good food that they haven’t had since they left home to go to college.

But there are those students that going home is not an available option. These may happen because they are really far away from home and they don’t enough money for gas or an airplane ticket. Some of them do work during the holiday, and others think is easier just stay and use this time to relax, catch up with homework, projects, final, and that TV series on Netflix.

Personally, Thanksgiving is not really important for me. In Brazil, we don’t celebrate it, so the past 3 years I have been here it has been really surprising how big of the holiday it is in the United States. People going crazy to receive their families, prepare all the food, and groceries stores are full, all this so they can make the perfect meal that could feed an army.

The Wall Street Journal made a survey about how many meals an average American has during Thanksgiving, and this was their results.

“The average American has at least two meals … people ages 18 to 34 say they eat more than four Thanksgiving meals on average.”

If you are one of those not going home and you don’t have too much money or energy, to make a big meal for yourself here is some tips that will help you have a quality Thanksgiving meal for you, and for your friends.

  • Pre-made and box food

    • You can go to the groceries stores and by as small turkey, that is just for one person, that is ready to cook for really cheap.
    • Stuffing, brown gravy, and cranberry sauce can all be found in boxes and packages that a pre-made. They are usually cheap and mostly all you need to do is throw in a pan with some water and it is done.
    • By a pumpkin pie. I decent pie cost around $5 dollars, and it should last you or at least a couple of days.
  • Make yourself

All these receipts are easy and cheap to make, but the best is that they will make your small apartment smell like and feel like there is real Thanksgiving meal going on.

  • Friendsgiving

Spend Thanksgiving with friends. This way you will only have to cook one dish and will not have to spend this holiday alone.


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