Brochure Project

brochure brochure2


Design a brochure for a company that you created


  1. I came up with the idea of making a logo for pie bakery, then I created the logo in Illustrator.
  2. Using InDesign I design my brochure using rules to mark all the area and mark that divide the brochure.
  3. I add the basic parts of the brochure, the square behind the text, titles, logo, and the shape where the images would go.
  4. I wrote all my text in a Word document then I inserted in my InDesign files at the right spots.
  5. Then I add the background images following by the small images.

Critique Process

I met with Helaman Higley. He gave some great feedback on how I could improve my background pictures so the entire brochure could have an emphasis in one theme. Besides of that, he helped with other small detail about the text.

I met with professor Judkins to have feedback on the printed version of my brochure. He gave great tips on how I could improve my logo, have stronger alignments in my brochure, typography rules, and how to make a specific part to stand out.

There were no posts on Facebook to give feedback to.


To show the menu from this pie bakery and to tell the story behind of the bakery.


Everyone who likes to eat pie.

Top Thing Leaned

Is very important to print out our draft so you can see how everything looks like, especially if everything comes out in the right spot.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Analogous; Red, Brown, and Yellow

Title Font Name & Category

Alexa Brush, Script

Copy Font Name & Category

Georgia, Old Style

apple_pie grandma hot_chocolate light-brown-wood-background
salt_pie oregon_farm_house_pantablecloth




















Farm House


Table Cloth


Salt Pie

Apple pie

Hot Chocolate



3 thoughts on “Brochure Project

  1. Kevin, I think you did a really good job on your brochure! Your images are clear and crisp and perfectly match the service you are presenting. I think your analogous color scheme was really well matched as well! Great job!


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