Will You Go Out With Me?

Closing the Doors

On October 2015 the outdoor retailer, REI, announced that they would be close their door on Black Friday. This was a very big surprise to everyone since Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for retailer stores in the United States.

By REI did not stop there. They were inviting their costumes to go out and enjoy the outdoors. They even paid their employees to take the day off and go enjoy the outdoors.

The video below shows the results of this bold invitation.

Spreading #OptOutside to Everyone

Needless to say that the announcement itself created a lot of coverage in many different sources of media and it one of the main topics of discussion for several weeks. But REI wanted to make sure that everyone would get the invitation and be motivated to really put aside their shopping spree and enjoy the outdoors with loved ones.

Their campaign was known as #OptOutside. With this hashtag the company made several social media posts, videos, posters, and billboards spreading their message all over the country. Some of them were very simple statements that REI would not open their doors on black Friday. Other showed beautiful pictures and footage of parks where people could go to during their day outside.

Another thing that REI did was to create a website and app where people could find places to in around them. All you needed to do was to access their web page or app, and it would show you all the parks and places to hike around you.

Showing that you Really Care

This movement showed that REI really does understand their clients. They understand that their target audience enjoys to be outside and prefers to spend time with their loved ones in a hiking and not fighting a mob in some store.

Their entire campaign showed amazing photos and videos of mountains, rivers and trails that motivate and entices people to go and explore those places. Creating a tool to help find parks and hiking spots around you was a great way to follow up with their invitation, showing that they will help you spent the holiday outside with not much trouble.

All they were done showed that they really care for their clients and that they really meant their invitation.







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