Simple, Effective and Delicious

Celebrities like Stephen Fry, Claudia Winkelman, and Jameela Jamil received a special packaged back in 2012. The box was full of cupcakes with the faces of the Muppets characters. This was sent out when the movie, “The Muppets Movie”, was being advertised for. Not only famous people received one of the packages but also fans that followed the movie twitter account.

After receiving those boxes each person posted on their twitter account pictures of the cupcakes to all their followers to see and retweet.


Simple, Easy and Inexpensive

All the PR team did be really simple. They made a special order of cupcakes, they chose some artists with a high number of followers—they probably did some research here looking for celebrities that would not mind receiving this and that are activity on Twitter—and the fans that interact with them the most through twitter. After that they just mailed the boxes to them, done.


“By Small and Simple Things Are Great Things Brought to Pass”

This stunt grabbed my attention because of its simplicity and how effective it was at the end. The Muppets Movie got a worldwide launch promotion reaching millions of people practically for free, if that is not PR then I don’t know what it is.

This show the power and influence that social media has. By sending their cupcakes to people who had millions of viewers around the world their movie promotion was reaching millions of people who were not only seeing the pictures by commenting on them and retweeting them. They idea of sending packages to fans was good too. Because that motivated more people to follow their Twitter account and interact with them. All this promotion, chatter, and attention happened because they decided to send a box full of cupcakes to a few people.




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