Quick on the Draw

In 2000 British Airlines finished building the famous London Eye. At the inauguration day, they had press companies from all over the world covering the event besides a large crowd made of London citizens and tourists.

But what end up happening was something that the British Airlines PR team could not see happening in their wildest nightmares. First, they were having issues trying to erect the London eye. Making the entire event kind of an embarrassment in front of News companies all around the world. Second, well this happened…


There is Always an Opportunity

What do the PR team? Well, first, they were really well informed about what was going on with around them. Richard Branson, the mastermind behind this stunt blogged saying that his team woke him up at 5:30 am saying that the British Airlines was havening problems erecting their London Eye, and with that information, he went to work.


Second, they worked really fast and smart to take full advantage of a great opportunity. In the small time frame, they had they put together a stunt that not only grabbed the attention of everyone in the world but that at the same time made a joke of the rivals and stealing their thunder.

Quick and Creative Thinking

This was a great example of quick thinking and action that PR teams should have. Since all this happen in 2000 social media was not as big like today, so they not only had to think in a way to take advantage of the opportunity that just fell on the hands but they also had to make that ideal real in a very small period of time. I would love to see how was their brainstorm session to come up with creative ideas, and how they came to their final decision. That was probably a very interesting exchange.

This was a successful stunt because they got global attention, during an event that wasn’t even theirs, and they made fun of their rival at the same time. It was a great win for them all because they were on top of what was going on, they had quick and creative thinking, and went to work as fast as they could.



David Amerland



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