Not a Single Penny Spent

During the 2014 Super Bowl JCPenney did something that no one was expecting

Every Idea Counts, Even Misspelled Ones

With no commercial at the Super Bowl, with a small budget, not very much time to prepare and a product to promote the JCPenney’s creative team had an idea that most people would not even consider and run with it. For me this shows an important part of this PR stunt, they considered every idea and they stuck with it. In an interview after the Super Bowl, they said that they did not expect it to have the great result they had with the stunt.

In the interview with Digiday they creative director, Steve Babcock, said that they did not think either plan for a big response to their tweets or people thinking that they were drunk. As the numbers of comments and retweets keep growing they were getting a little more nervous without knowing when clarifying the reason of why the typos on their tweets. But they kept their cool and talking among themselves to find out what was to do next while the people were commenting on their tweets.

You Don’t Need a $4 Million, just a Twitter Account

Again, this is another example that you can do great PR stunts only using social media. What surprised me the most is that a group of creative professionals came up with this crazy idea of posting tweets with a lot of typos and they went for it. It shows that sometimes we need just need a crazy idea and the guts to do it.

Another point that surprised me was that this stunt was simple and did not cost anything besides paying the social media manager. It shows that money doesn’t buy quality or guarantee the stunt to be successful, but that creativity can do the job. It is hard to find million dollars’ campaigns that can give the same results that this campaign gave.


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